Dissolution of powders

Fast and efficient dissoution systems adapted to the individual needs of each and every customer

In order to efficiently and optimally dissolve powders in liquids and to obtain a homogeneous product as a result, we need to apply special technological solutions. To meet this challenge and respond to the expectations of our customers, Ruland offers dissolving systems dedicated to various powders, such as sugar, citric acid, preservatives, vitamins, taurine, guar gum, as well as components with low solubility – stabilizers (pectins, CMC) and others.

3D of powder mixing station

Dosing systems with Venturi effect

for inline dosing of components

The principle of operation of our systems is based on the use of the Venturi effect, which enables dosing of components in the “in-line” flow while simultaneously mixing them. In these systems, we use an injector with a Venturi nozzle – an appropriately shaped chamber, causing a rapid increase in the liquid flow velocity. As the flow velocity of the water increases, the pressure in the nozzle decreases and the resulting suction force draws in the supplied powder. The use of the phenomenon of pressure drop in a liquid with increasing flow velocity significantly accelerates dissolution. Ruland solutions offer the possibility of “cold” or “hot” dissolution, which in many cases is technologically necessary. Our injector dissolution systems can be either batch-based or continuous. The applied solutions are relatively simple and, at the same time, very effective. Their advantage is the possibility to apply full automation of the process together with control of the flow, liquid temperature, amount of added powder component, as well as the possibility to adjust the design of the device to the existing conditions in production plants, technological installations and the needs of the customer.

3D of powder mixing station

Dissolution system for powder at Fispal Tecnologia

A modern technological solution based on an injector, which makes use of the Venturi effect.

The powder dissolution system presented at the Fispal Tecnologia fair is a mobile system that uses a conical hopper to ensure optimal component supply. The system can perform two functions, depending on the requirements of the customer. It enables the preparation of a ready-made solution, i.e. preliminary lump breaking, dissolving and mixing of powder components in a liquid, and then dosing the solution into the existing customer plant. In addition, the system allows direct “in-line” dosing of powders into a liquid through an injector, in which, thanks to the Venturi effect, the dissolution process takes place extremely efficiently and in a very short time. The mobile nature of the device enables its connection to any place in the plant. The advantages of this system are: mobility, compact design, easy operation as well as the user-friendly and intuitive interface. The dissolution systems we use always provides high efficiency, and the dissolved solutions are of the highest quality.

Your visit at Fispal Tecnologia

Sao Paulo Expo, Brazil
26. - 29.06.2018

For Ruland, Fispal Tecnologia is not only an opportunity to present a wide range of equipment, but also to share and exchange our knowledge, experience and information with others. We cordially invite those interested in the subject of this trade fair to come see us at our booth. You can make an appointment in advance. To do so, just email us at: gabriela.czekaj-gliszczynska@rulandec.com.

For more information on the trade fair itself, please visit: www.fispaltecnologia.com.br.


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