Optimising the yield

Batch separation: Pigging and Whirlwind

The pigging technology and the Whirlwind technology are deployed wherever pipelines need to be drained completely and without any losses. The benefits are clear: If batches and different products are separated cleanly, only a minimum of mixed phases occur and this obviously means less rejects. This not only reduces the costs for raw materials, cleaning agents and water but also the waste water load. With the pigging technology and whirlwind technology, significant savings can be achieved.

Pigging technology

The device is fed into the pipeline and it pushes out a specific route with identical nominal widths. However, it cannot pass through the most common standard fittings. The pigging system that is optimal for your plant or system depends on your products and processes. At Ruland, you can choose between manual or completely automated pigging systems, which include the respective sending and receiving stations and pigging cleaning systems. Incidentally, we also have piggable heating systems in our range of products!

graphic pipe clearing with pigging system

Whirlwind technology

The Whirlwind works without a compatible body that is pushed through the pipelines. It generates an air flow that drains pipelines using a multi-stage process and cleanly separates production batches from one another. However, our whirlwind can do much more: If required, it is able to thoroughly clean and dry lines with water and cleaning agents. The greatest difference compared to the pigging technology: Different pipe diameters are no obstacle for the whirlwind. Therefore, a Whirlwind system can supply many system modules simultaneously. For more information please see our Whirlwind flyer.

graphic 4 phases of pipe clearing and cleaning
Thumbnail Improving the yield

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