Heating and Cooling

Thermal process for safe and durable products

Products must be microbiologically safe and therefore durable. This is why almost every industrially manufactured product is thermally treated. However, heating and cooling is by no means simple: The optimal process, the design and selection of the heat exchangers largely depend on the characteristics of your product: They depend on its viscosity, the proportion of fibres and particles and, of course, on its temperature stability. In order that the limit then is still economically and ecologically efficient, our heating systems work in such a manner that they conserve energy and recover heat.

photo plate heat exchanger

Ruland offers:

Short-term and ultra-high heating systems / Plate heat exchangers / Tube heat exchangers / Scrape heat exchangers / Steam infusion / Steam injection / Ultra-pure water and ultra-pure steam systems / Cooling systems / Inactivation systems

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