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We have been able to apply our know-how in plant construction, process technology and process design for numerous customers with the most varied requirements. This has resulted in individually designed plants for companies that process liquids across all industries. Our customers use our systems and process technology for the production of liquids in a wide variety of projects as you see below:

New plant for mozzarella production

Glanbia Cheese and Leprino Foods

In the new mozzarella plant of the Glanbia Cheese and Leprino Foods group of companies in Portlaoise, Ireland, high standards apply to implementation, project management as well as a strict division into a high-care and low-care area. In the high care area, hygienic design measures are implemented very consistently. Ruland took over a large part of the plant and piping construction for the liquid handling for the mozzarella production, you can find the details in our project report.

Production of NFC apple juice in Poland

Fidel Dreher GmbH

Based on its state of the art production facilities for high quality NFC apple juices in Germany, Dreher now builds up a new plant in South-Poland with two big tank farms, both fully automated. Ruland supplies the complete technology for processing the fresh juice after pressing, including handling of raw juice, short time heating units, degassing system, tank farm, CIP cleaning unit and the automation.

BNL - Biotest Next Level

Biotest AG

Biotest AG produces human blood plasma products for hematology, clinical immunology and intensive care. Ruland contributes to the current production extension in Dreieich by supplying process units for the production of immunglobulins.

Apiphyto products - from beehives to the jar


Tentorium wanted to convert its small, simple and manual production of api-phyto products into a modern industrial production facility. Ruland has developed the plant in an order for consulting and then designed and implemented it.

Process line for fruit processing and purification

Iprona AG

For Iprona AG, Ruland implemented the equipment for a new factory with process technology for fruit processing and purification. The project was implemented in two phases: Consulting and implementation.

Consulting for a new tank farm

Dr. Kurt Wolff

Dr. Kurt Wolff GmbH & Co. KG is planning the conversion to a new fully automated tank farm with ex protection (partially) for its most important products. In the course of consulting, Ruland has reviewed the options for the modernisation and design of the tank farm for liquids.

Small batches – large product diversity

Plantextrakt GmbH & Co. KG

Ruland implemented a process system for the pasteurisation of herb and tea extracts for Plantextrakt in Vestenbergsgreuth. They are producing numerous batches in variations. Plantextrakt is a global leader in the production of tea, fruit and herb extracts.

Process technology for the fermentation of bacteria

Chr. Hansen GmbH

In Pohlheim/Germany, Chr. Hansen replaces and extents parts of its production and process technology. Ruland supplies a new fermenter a larger glucose tank. Installation, assembly and start-up will be done in a very limited period to avoid production disturbances. For this, we will pre-assemble all modules as far as possible in our assembly hall.

Units for syrup production

Coca-Cola HBC Polen

For CocaCola HBC Poland, Ruland developed process equipment for syrup production for energy drinks. The task was to find a concept for the slightly soluble components, to design an efficient and functional dextrose dissolution system and an automated operation with a complex dosing system. The system supplies further guarantees high accuracy and repeatability of parameters of the various syrups.

Modernisation and expansion of the tank farm

Fidel Dreher GmbH

Fidel Dreher GmbH has expanded its production and storage capacity many times over. Ruland supplied the new tank farm with a capacity of 8 million tank litres, with systems to accept and store raw materials. With the associated process and automation technology, Fidel Dreher has one of the most modern tank farms.

Safe, flexible and efficient container sterilisation

Grünewald Fruchtsaft GmbH

Modern plant technology must support the production processes optimally: An efficient work-flow is necessary for sterilising stainless steel containers. Unique circumstances and space options demand an ingenious solution. The reference project Grünewald describes the container sterilisation.

Aseptic container loading system

Döhler América Latina Ltda.

For the global producer and supplier of fruit concentrates in Brazil, Ruland developed an aseptic container loading system for easier container handling. For a quick, safe and ergonomic production, we equipped the system with two container filling stations. The loading system has a distribution panel that enables many complex processes.

Piping, new filling- and bottle sorting system

Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus AG

For CocaCola HBC Poland, Ruland developed process equipment for syrup production for energy drinks. The task was to find a concept for the slightly soluble components, to design an efficient and functional dextrose dissolution system and an automated operation with a complex dosing system. The system supplies further guarantees high accuracy and repeatability of parameters of the various syrups.

Syrup plant for the production of flavored carbonated drinks

Top Bronnen NV

Top Bronnen is a leading water and beverages producer in the Belgian market. As part of a two-stage syrup plant construction project, Ruland supplied a sugar syrup pasteuriser, a powder dissolving system, a container cleaning system and a CIP station for the production of carbonated soft drinks with flavours.

Extension of production at the traditional company

Güldenkron Fruchtsaft Kellerei

For the extension of production Ruland supplies mixing unit, tubular heat exchanger with sterile tank, CIP loop and cooling tower. Güldenkron’s wide product range requires a special focus on unit design so that all products can be processed in an optimal way. The result: high quality, natural products, produced hygienically.

Pasteurisation system and CIP unit for grape beverages

Famiglia Zanlorenzi S/A

Famiglia Zanlorenzi is one of the larges wine producing companies in Brazil. For their expansion in the South American market they ordered a tubular pasteuriser with a degassing unit and an aseptic buffer tank. The system is used to pasteurise grape beverages. Within this project, Ruland also supplied a new CIP unit.

Maintenance during summer shutdown

Biotest AG

During the annual summer standstill of Biotest AG, a team of Ruland service technicians, programmers and fitters performs comprehensive maintenance and service work at various Biotest production units.

Extension of an existing NFC processing plant


For Doehler Poland, the national leader in the NFC juices, fruit and vegetable concentrates production, Ruland modernized the installation for the production of NFC juices. As part of the project, we supplied a system for thermal processing and storage of apple juices. The advantage of the system is its flexibility to process different products and to run different performances.

Aseptic container unloading station

B.blend - a Joint Venture between Ambev and Whirlpool

As a first company in the world, B.blend developed an all-in-one machine for drinks in capsules. Ruland supplied an aseptic container discharge system for their plant in Brazil. The design of the container station is modular which allows for continuous aseptic conditions. Further the aseptic container station can be easily extended with further modules.

Planning and installation of process units

Elopak EQS GmbH

Ruland supported the manufacturer of aseptic filling systems with planning and installation of a process area in their new production facility in Mönchengladbach/Germany. Ruland delivered a production plant for mixing, thermal treatment and cold aseptic supply of sterile product used for test and validating the aseptic filling systems.

A modern syrup preparation line for manufacturing functional beverages

Q-BEV Sp. z o.o.

To one of the leading manufacturers of alcohol-free beverages in Poland, Ruland supplied a technologically advanced, comprehensive system for the preparation of syrup used as basis for functional beverages production. The state-of-the-art line comprises an user-friendly components dosing system as well as an automated highly-efficient sugar dissolving system and an automatic two-circuit CIP station.

Flash pasteurizer for fruit juices and vegetable juices

A. Dohrn + A. Timm GmbH & Co. KG

For the producer of juices from sustainable vegetables and fruits, Ruland supplied a flash pasteurizer in hygienic design. As every short term heating unit it has a heat exchanger, temperature holding unit, sterile tank, valves and measuring and control technology. In addition, Ruland supplied a multipath coupling panel for connection to juice production unit, tank farm and truck loading system.

Syrup room for beverages and fruit/vegetables juices production

Maspex Olympos

For a leading company in the food market in Central and Eastern Europe, Ruland did a complete modernisation of the existing syrup room. In order to modernise the plant, we supplied a dissolving and dosing system for components and a tubular pasteuriser together with a homogeniser and degasser. The CIP station was also modified and equipped with both a new heating- and a chemicals dosing system.

Process equipment for craft beer brewing

Browar Pinta

For a craft beer producer in Poland, Ruland supplied brewing equipment including a pasteurizer, a system for automated cleaning of all process parts, the automation and relevant tank pipelines. As a Ruland standard, this system for brewing craft beer is customized to the individual customer needs.

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