Degassing systems

Maximum stability for product quality and taste

Gases in liquids, as oxygen, affect the taste, the colour and the stability and therefore the shelf life of the end products. Our vaccuum degassing units decrease the content of oxygen in the products, and thus reduce the oxidation of the relevant products. At the same time we preserve the precious aromas of the products.


Gentle degassing of liquids

Vacuum degassing units are very common process systems for the degassing of liquids

The industries producing drinks, food and pharmaceutical products use degassing units to degas liquids as the reduced and low content of oxygen improves the quality and stability of their products.

Vacuum deaerators are further used for the degassing of water in order to prepare the basic ingredient of many products (the water) in an optimum way for the following processing. The higher the product temperature is, the easier gases release from the product. The combination of thermal energy and vacuum thus leads to an optimum result for the degassing of liquids.

As the vacuum degassing unit works close to the boiling point, volatile aromas release from the product. To preserve these aromas, we add condensers to the degassing unit. We use them to condense the vapors (a mixture of water vapour and aroms) and to bring them back to the product in the tank of the degasser. We can do this in a one or two step vapour condensation with aroma recovery. In addition, we can integrate separate cooling units for the condensation of the aromas on the module. This keeps the cooling supply independant from outer sources.

Degassing units

in hygienic desgin as well as compact and modular construction

Ruland builds the degassing units in hygienic design according to the guidelines of the EHEDG. With this design our degassers meet our high demands on hygienic equipment. The compact units for degassing of liquids can be integrated in exisiting systems in a space saving way. Already in the quotation phase, we consider both product and customer requirements. A PLC or a higher level control system controls and visualizes our degassing systems.

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